Why hire a makeup artist?

  1. You’ve hired professional vendors for your wedding so why not a professional Makeup Artist who has been through trainings and experience in different settings and know the ins and outs. We know how lighting can change how makeup looks, have trained on different skin types, tones, and face shapes, and know what will work best.
  2. Less stress on the client no matter if you’re a bride or just need a night out look. Makeup artists will help create a look just for you and make sure you are ready on time.

Why is it so expensive?

  2. Professionalism. There’s been many times clients had come to me saying their makeup artist canceled on them last minute or within a month of their wedding. As a Makeup artist, I am committed to show up and do my job!
  3. Knowledge in makeup application and techniques. Makeup artists also have gone through training on how to properly sanitize our makeup products and tools so there will be no cross contamination!
  4. Makeup Artists spend a lot of time for each client messaging, emailing, and prepping things that we specifically do just for you as a client.
  5. Makeup Artists put a lot of money into purchasing cosmetics for our kits to provide the best service for our clients. Due to makeup expiring 3-12 month, we have to replace products frequently!
  6. Makeup artists stand 5-10 hrs a day doing makeup applications on big bridal party on top of carrying our heavy makeup kit and equipments!!
  7. We spend hours and hours cleaning and sanitizing our products and equipment even prior to the day of application.

How much do you charge?

You can check out my pricings down below by clicking the “Pricing and Fees” button.

Do you travel/Or have a studio?

Yes! I have at home studio, and I do travel. I love bringing the service to you, but I do require for there to be at least 2 services (Excluding minis makeup glam) to travel. I do have a fee when it comes to traveling under “Pricing and Fees” so please calculate the price of the travel fee and see if that is within your budget before filling in the contact form.

Do you also do hair?

No. I am an esthetician so all I am certified to do is facials, makeup, waxing, tinting brows/lashes, and eyelash extensions. I only do makeup applications as that’s what I love to do as a profession.

Why does the “Trial” cost more than the “Regular Makeup Application”?

Trials include a deeper consultation and a more thorough run of product application. During a trial I spend more time with the client to be able to talk about what the client wants so on the actual day of I am able to perform what the client wants to achieve!

I just want a natural look, why do I have to pay the full price?

A natural look doesn’t mean less makeup product on the face. It actually just means the makeup look, looks natural. Natural makeup looks require more skills than most people think. It takes years for makeup artists to master the natural makeup look skill. Pricing makeup applications by the style is not an efficient way of pricing. It will still take technical skills.

Why is the regular face application only $65 and the regular bride makeup application is $90?

The bridal makeup look is not just for the application itself! It is for the time invested going up to the wedding, like the prepping/planning and scheduling for the special day! Not only that, but weddings are also hectic and when it is on the day of, there is no time to waste and only time to grind.

Now the regular face Application is only $65 dollars because I spend less time with you. I do a quick consultation and we get started right away. The technique is less intricate but still very beautiful. The reason why I have wedding parties do the $65 regular face Application is because while working weddings, it’s about beautifying the wedding party but also having enough time to get through everyone and glam everyone up.

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